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Nov 13, 2012
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Squaw Valley, California, USA, EARTH
How to Make a Fast Heating Solar Oven

Making a solar oven can be a simple process yet very rewarding. Requiring only the sun, energy savings for occasional use can add up, considering an electric or gas oven is one of the most energy-intensive appliances in the home. Solar cookers are also useful in developing nations with little or no access to power. The method described here is a great way for a beginner to make a cheap, fast-acting solar cooker.

Cut your pizza box top about 1 inch around the edges, leaving only the back uncut. This creates a flap for your solar cooker.

Use your black marker or paint to fill in the entire bottom of the inside of the solar cooker. Color all the way to the edge.

Tape foil over the area that you filled in black in the inside of the solar oven.

Place the box on top of the plastic and mark a line around the solar cooker. Cut the plastic just inside the square line that
you drew.

Tape the plastic to the sides of the inside bottom of the box, pulling it taut.

Cut a piece of foil to fit the bottom of the inside flap and tape it on.

Punch a small hole through the back of the flap and knot the string through it. Connect the string to a thumbtack or staple on
the back edge of the bottom of the box making a lever for the flap of your solar oven.

Tips & Warnings
Improvements and additions to this design can make it faster and be a learning experience. Adjust the flap to maximize solar concentration.
You will not be cooking a steak on this solar oven as it is; however, if you want to fry an egg fast, this solar cooker will do the job. Tightening the plastic to prevent too much heat loss while allowing for minimal circulation is very important!

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