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Silent Bob

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Mar 20, 2014
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In the modern day of war-fighting, the war-fighter has a ton of state-of-the-art equipment to build up a protective base. Everything from Kevlar impregnated bunker/towers to the latest in drone-robotic systems to provide early warning/defensive capability. However, what is not being trained as much these days in military programs is the reliance of good old fashion human ingenuity and applied arts of warfare (as I would call it). I know that some people detest the old...but if you a follower of Sun Tzu, then possibly you would consider using this old War Department document to help when the grid goes down. I know that many of us have discussed what we would do or not do after an event to prevent stragglers, interloppers, and the desperate refugee from entering our defensive zone or BOL. Please keep in mind this document goes back to World War II, but its a great how-to-book. I have my dad's old book that he used in Vietnam to help build up "A" camps and I hope I find time to scan it and make it available to all of you.

I will place a copy of this also in the library.


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