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Climate Change

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A True Doomsday Prepper
Dec 7, 2015
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Let's put our conversations on this topic back together in one spot.

Kevin, here's an even better article:

It's a great list, covers 41 various declarations by our brilliant scientists about upcoming disasters... that have all completely failed. And they go back to the 60's. They cover so many of the things we talk about such as global warming/cooling, climate change, end of oil, starvation, CO2, pollution, and killer bees! And one after the other, they failed to come true. They didn't even come close. No, they flat never happened.

Before you click the link, pick a number 1-41. They actually have the link on every 'prediction' giving the details. Look into the number you picked. Have some fun.

So, the point. These scientists have a 0-41 scorecard. Why should we believe anything they say? Why should we fund out of taxpayer money anything they do? Sure, research something useful. But stop funding stupidity.