China an immediate threat?

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Personally I don't watch much of the news / propaganda now being feed to control the thought process of the gullible . However out of boredom did turn on fox News for a few minutes today and saw where China and Tiwan War ships are now setting in the Tiawan Strait eyeing each other to see what their opponent's next move will be . Lindsey Grahm saying today he is for the United States to join into any conflict that may be about to happen . The Bidden Puppet said the same thing a few weeks ago , claiming the United States will join and fight China in a War that we all know will be a " Nuclear World War Three " .At this point I would hate to know . I hadn't prepared for anything this serious .
Meanwhile France (Macron) is saying the EU needs to step away from the United States! This after Macron just spent 3 days with China’s leader Xi. Every nation is now starting to distance themselves from us. NOT GOOD!!!
No worries. Macron said this without permission of Germany and Washington. He will step back the next days.
Well, I don't trust Macron in anything. On the one hand, he could initiate a few things, but domestically, he's down for the count.
The EU president is either way a wrong dog and has no idea of anything, the German government follows its own green course to ruin.
Europe is so more or less leaderless without its own identity, comes to that in many countries of Central Europe slowly but surely civil war mood on the streets is.
All sin allem Europe creates itself ab, the time will come where the first government regimes fall here.
This article by Microsoft says they have discovered that Chinese hackers, Volt Typhone is targeting our infrastructure!


“Volt Typhoon has been active since mid-2021 and has targeted critical infrastructure organizations in Guam and elsewhere in the United States. In this campaign, the affected organizations span the communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, information technology, and education sectors. Observed behavior suggests that the threat actor intends to perform espionage and maintain access without being detected for as long as possible.”
There have been nearly 18,000 Chinese illegals caught at the Southern Border this year.
There is a prophecy of America being invaded by the Chinese and winning the war with terrible losses. China or anybody else could invade, but America is too big and too mean and too well armed to be EVER invaded and occupied by any nation. Be ready, willing to fight and good luck.
BTW: we are now discussing in Hungary...if the Ukraine does ever win against Russia- we will be the next target since we did not support the sanctions against Russia...
We are ready, willing to fight and wishing ourselves good luck too, live free, Gary (just not well armed)
Everyone needs to walk all the land that is within a couple miles of them. Take extra effort to walk and know the lay of nearby forests. I believe this knowledge Will pay off for us in the future.
I’ve been thinking about going to towns closer to cities closest to us and doing inquiries at storage rental units. Especially the larger ones. It seems to me that the CCP would be storing gear and ammo in places like that. Taking their supplies would be a real win when trouble breaks loose.

Go ahead. Call me obsessed.

Marjorie Greene@RealMarjorieGreene

There have been nearly 18,000 Chinese illegals caught at the Southern Border this year.

How many are spies? How many have gotten away?

This is the purposeful infiltration of America, and the greatest threat to our national security.

This is an invasion that the biden Regime is ORCHESTRATING with the CCP!!!

Watch the video clip to SEE what is coming across our border!!
We are being INVADED by people wanting to overthrow the UNITED States of America!!! These people are enemy combatants and lets start treating them as such!!! REPEL the invaders and protect OUR country!! WAKE UP people!!! The USA is about to fall like Russia did!!!

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