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Shelby Cobra 1966


i would think that the fob could be made with a switch to close off the internal battery , cannot be to difficult to manufacture , I personally made 2 brackets for the clutch & brake , they come together and can be locked , the hardest part when making was to drill a 6mm hole in the clutch pedal where a rod slots into , use them when out in most places ,I have a manual LC 70 SW, sometimes only remember them when trying to put into gear
Georgia, we have known all along that fresh eggs, fresh milk, fresh meat, fresh veggies AND fresh saturated fats were the AGE OLD way to live and stay healthy.
THEY who make the money are also THEY who tell the lies and poison us with their "fake medicines" and make more money off the un-healthy cheap crap THEY sell as "foodstuff".
If you put an apple, peach, plum, pear, carrot, potato, onion or any other LIVING veggie or plant into the ground it will KEEP GROWING. That is what the german language calls "lebensmittel", (Livingfood)!
If you take a frozen pizza, frozen steak, frozen veggies, hamburger, hotdog, canned beans or sushi and put it into the ground, what happens? Right, it just goes bad.
That is what the german language calls "nahrungsmittel"==(foodstuff).
You can only live healthy with living food or fresh meat and veggies. Freezing, keeps them healthy longer, canning keeps them healthy longer, PROCESSED FOOD, fills your stomach, but does not fulfill the need for living-food.

“Politico Reporter on MSNBC Frets That Christian Nationalists Believe Americans’ Rights Come From God, Not the Government (VIDEO)​


Heidi Przybyla, a reporter for Politico, appeared on MSNBC this week and fretted as she explained that Christian Nationalists believe that Americans’ rights are granted by God and not Congress or the Supreme Court.

Leaving aside her ridiculous distinctions between Christian Nationalists and other Christians, the rights of Americans DO come from God and not the government, which anyone knows if they have read the country’s founding documents.

How is this person even allowed to comment on politics on TV with this level of dishonesty or stupidity? This is a perfect example of why trust in the media is in the gutter...”


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