can no one see that Alone is set up for a hubby wife team to win?

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Jul 8, 2017
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this season (season 4). A spousal team doesn't have to split the money, while everyone else DOES. So the spouses have twice as much to win as the other teams. Alone tried very hard to let a woman win in season 3, by giving them the best sites, but they frittered away their advantage by letting salmon go, no arrowing seals stealing their fish, building pointlessly spacious shelters, with drums, chairs, dreamcatchers, all sorts of time-wasting bs, instead of taking a paracord hammock and paracord gillnet and using them to weave 2000 sq ft of 3" mesh netting and thus, being able to eat all they wanted. On Vancouver, Nobody knew to juice the kelp with mortar and pestle, either, gaining all those carbs, without all the fiber giving you the trots. despite the claims of having done so much 'research" into wild plants ! :) Surprise, surprise, the plants were all died back for the winter, covered in snow and ice, etc. :)

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