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I had a 2008 Turtle Top Van Terra on a Ford E350 Super Duty that I got for 10K and a few years later sold for 22K. It only got around 15 mpg and we were wanting to do some longer trips was the only reason I sold it. Now I wish I hadn't sold it. The nice thing is you can put a queen either direction, install a really nice shower and separate toilet and have a full kitchen and lounge and still have space. BTW, I probably put 10K into it outfitting it, but it was the most comfy setup ever. If you have the time, DIY is a great way to get what you want.


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We pulled our rig out west and are in Vegas right now. Stopped all along the way and explored. Will backtrack to the Grand Canyon in a couple days and then head north towards Yellowstone. We aren’t on any schedules or specific routes but are just in explore mode. Had the tank on the water heater start leaking on our first day in Vegas. Got a shop to weld it and it leaked even worse…. So found a new water heater locally. It’s always something on any boat or RV. Otherwise the trip has been really smooth and relaxing.
Staying a few days in Salt Lake City right now. Stayed at the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon after Vegas too. Will begin turning eastwards Monday morning and start heading back home to Georgia. No set schedule or route planned but will wing it day to day and explore whatever looks interesting. My only regret is missing Yellowstone. The weather has most roads closed with winter conditions. If I was just in the FJ I would go, but with the camper weighing as much as the tow vehicle I don’t think it wise to try snow covered mountains. So close, but will have to be a future trip hopefully.
The camping trip was great, saw many amazing sights and bucket list views. Pulling the camper was tough on the gas mileage, especially out west at 5.50 a gallon, but it’s nice to sleep in your own bed anywhere you like. Stayed on some BLM lands in the middle of nowhere that were incredibly scenic. I’m still weary from the long drive of about 4000 miles. I did make a list of improvements I will do on the camper for the next trips. There’s always minor modifications you can customize to your own tastes. But overall, the trip with our two dogs went great. I hate staying in hotels while traveling. I’ve never felt they were clean…. Which is funny since the two dogs slept in our bed with us the whole trip!

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