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Colby H.

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Sep 23, 2012
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So you finally have all the necessary “bug-out gear” to keep you and your family safe. Phew, that’s a relief! Now… if you could only find a realistic way of carrying all this gear for your entire family! I know my little toddler isn’t going to be able to carry his gear; in fact I’ll probably be carrying him too! Let’s take a look at our options.

What about one of those nifty garden carts? It’s got a grand total of 8 inches of ground clearance… good luck pulling any real amount of weight with one arm over rough terrain anyway! Forget that one.

What about a bike trailer, like the one’s you can put your kids in! Well, what happens if the road is too crowded and dangerous? And you realize the chances of them being clear the entire way to your safe zone are slim to none, surely you’ll have to go off road at some point - and good luck trying to pull that awkward thing by hand! Not to mention they can only carry 100 lbs.

The ideal cart would be light and very mobile. It would easily carry enough gear for a family of 4. It stores easily in your house and will navigate most hiking trails. It’d need to be a Swiss Army Knife of carts, so you can carry a wide variety of tools and gear that are easily accessible. It’d be versatile, able to be pulled by 1 hiker, 1 biker, or a 4-wheeler. It’d have enough ground clearance for off-road capabilities and big enough tires to crawl over most debris. It could easily navigate steep terrain with mountain bike styled hand brakes. All while keeping your gear weather proofed and concealed.

We bring to you the Bug-Out Cart™ - Designed by prepper’s, for prepper’s.

RETAIL PRICE: $500-$800

Features & Specs
Size: 3’x5’ + 4’ foot handle.
Weight: Less than 75 Lbs.
Carry Capacity: 500 lbs.
Towed by: Human, Bike, or 4Wheeler
Clearance: Approx. 25”
Tires: Airless, 26” or 29” tires.
Color: Grey, Coyote Tan, Camo
Braking: Hand Brakes & E-Brake
Car Seat Adaptable: Carries one car seat
Weather Proof Camo Canopy


Mar 18, 2012
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Southern California
Thats Awesome!
idk about $500-$800, but freaken awesome!

anyone see that one dude built on the DDprepper show that even floated in water like a boat?
Oct 15, 2012
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Nice rig for someone bugging out on foot. Only issue i have is the overall sive. Its fine if you can stay on the roads. If you dont have to carry quite that much i would go with a game cart.

Colt 1911

Swiss army knives / multi tools
Jun 18, 2012
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Southern California
I could probably get my truck as far as that cart, don't get me wrong i saw that cart awhile back, I took a double take on it for sure.