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Apr 17, 2022
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What books have you bought recently that you feel may be of use in the future?

I bought:
Practical Blacksmithing part one - volumes 1 and 2 - published in 1998. Originally published in separate volumes in 1889, 1890 and 1891. I no longer can afford to keep a horse. I miss not having horses in my life. This book is useful as I own no tools for blacksmithing and this book shows me the tools required. I could make these tools if ever needed. I worked in manufacturing.

Physical Chemistry for Metallurgists published in 1965. This is invaluable as it is chocked full of mathematical equations. I don't have time to list them all. A great source if we should ever have to start from scratch. Erm ... unless you love equations then please do NOT buy this book. It is NOT a 'how to guide.' This book is for folks who know this stuff but need to dip a toe or get a reminder for a project. A great book if you need to teach the next generation of upcomers.

I got a first edition on Organic Chemistry published in 1959. Again too much content to list. Not a how to guide. Very good for chemists. A useful section on hydrocarbons. Not for beginners. Would be useful for any in the trade for a teaching aid for upcomers for the future.

Just for fun I also got one on Iaido - I only have Bokken (thankfully) but fun and learning has been had. My bruises have been epic.
I hope you all have very good books too.

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