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Anyone noticing a lot of bank branches closing?

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A True Doomsday Prepper
Mar 5, 2022
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A couple of years ago our old bank "Citibank", a bank we had been with for 30 years closed its only branch in our area. Now if we needed to cash a large check, we could not. The nearest branch is Dallas and that is over 4hours away. Of course you can "cash" a check INTO your account but, to actually get cash in return, you had to use an ATM and stand there taking money out in 500 increments, often for a fee on each withdrawal. Even if you had more cash in the bank than the check you were cashing only part of the money was availible for your use for several days. We have since switched to our other bank, a local credit union.

Wondering what others are experiencing out there?

Found this...

Yet another "nudge" into a digital spy currency by the WEF.

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