Must Read Amazon Echo, Good or Bad?

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Nov 30, 2017
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So, I've made posts about Alexa before. How she constantly listens to what you're saying, and I wanted to find out first hand if this is true or not. So, I bought one (£32.99 so it's kind of bargain).

So first off let me say, the Amazon Echo hasn't really been Helpful in my day-to-day life. The one thing I really use it for is the Alarms. For what it is those are somewhat handy to verbally be able to snooze or stop your alarm. As for everything else, not so much.

Ordering anything, is a nightmare not worth the time. You're better of using the App/Browser.

Asking 'Her' questions is also like jumping through a window onto broken glass. A painful experience, and again, not worth your time.

Now, As for Alexa listening to your conversations, I can confirm 100% it does, without a doubt it'll listen to what you're saying all the time, with 100% effectiveness. Alexa listens for anything close to its name before activating, which, obviously shows that it is listening. If you value your privacy, much like myself, I would steer so clear of Alexa, it's not worth the money nor the time nor the information sacrifice for 20% effectiveness.


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Jul 20, 2018
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If the technology is not needed, don't get it. My TV is cable ready but it is not a smart TV. I don't need it to monitor and report what I watch. Phone is not a smart phone, just an old fashioned flip phone and does nothing but make phone calls. My computer is for Internet and I load a lot of safeguards on it but I would never, every put anything in my computer that could get me sent to jail or worse. Technology is not your friend, it has no friends, it is completely neutral. Which means whomever controls the technology at that give moment, is in charge. Technology is the rat fink that will squeal the second it is asked to talk. It is the double agent in your compound, waiting to report back to it's master (of the moment). By the way, I used to be a Project Manager for an Energy Management company at one point in my working career. JM2C

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