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Alien Invasion / UFO Encounter

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Nora Michels

Jan 5, 2021
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Yeah, haha, fear of alien invasion sparked my interest in doomsday prepping lol. Here's why:

About five years ago my mother and I lived with my father, sister, and brother back in Alaska before mom divorced him and we moved to her home state of Montana. One winter night my brother-in-law-to-be-but-hopefully-never came into our house from my sister's cottage to tell me to come outside and look up. I really didn't want to, especially because I'm pretty sure he was high, and it was probably 20 below zero outside. He said spaceships, and my curiosity got the better of me, plus I really wanted to laugh in his face and tell him it was just a satellite lol.

So I bundled up and followed my deranged brother-in-law out into the dark, arctic environs lol; he's kidnapped my sister's kids before, and has actually tried to kill my sister before, oh, and even shot up our house once, so, JUST IN CASE, I of course brought my pistol with me lmao. (I kinda hate the father of my nieces and nephew, but hey, he's family, what can you do? Plus the nearest police station was a two-hundred mile round trip. Montana is like, WAY nicer lmao. =P )

As we got out into the yard to look up at the sky, I saw my sister, one of her druggie friends, and my darling 5-year old niece were all standing outside, shivering in the cold along with me and Mr. Bag-O-Turds lol. "This had better be good." I muttered to nobody in particular.

He pointed towards a region of sky and tried telling us where to look for a little star, so I started looking for a satellite in the general direction he was pointing, and sure enough there was indeed "a little moving star" lmao. I quickly informed him that the other-worldly phenomena he was witnessing was actually human technology. He told us all to keep watching, so we humored him.

The little star thingy was indeed moving pretty fast, but that didn't convince me at all. And yeah, it was a little weird when it caught up to another little moving star that appeared to speed up as the first little star approached it, but still, it could just be some NASA training drill or something. But it was definitely kinda weird when the second little star being chased by the first little star suddenly made a 90 degree turn to evade the first little star, but that STILL wasn't what convinced me; it got even freakier.

At this point, my parents had come out of the house as well to see what all the fuss was about. We all stood there transfixed on the two dots of light chasing each other and dancing around each other in that one region of the sky almost directly above our farm house; I remember because I still remember the pain in my neck from the position I had to crane it backwards to see what the hell he was talking about lol. Mom and dad quickly joined us in the creepy-staring-straight-upwards-pose we were in.

Then it happened; the moment I officially became a believer lmao: Out of absolutely nowhere, a super bright star popped in from what I can only imagine would be outer space,because it didn't come inwards from the north, east, west or south, it just "popped up" like it was not there one second and THEN it was there all of a sudden lol. It feels hard to explain because I've literally never seen anything like that on EARTH lmao. But wait, it got even weirder!

I $#!T you not...the big giant bright star then began SHOOTING OUT dozens and dozens if not HUNDREDS of little tiny stars in ALL different directions, which quickly descended upon the first two little stars that were chasing each other.

"Holy s**t..." about three of us all said at the same time. We couldn't tell who because none of us could take our eyes off of what was happening in the sky, and half-expected flaming spaceship debris to start falling down on us at any moment lmao.

We watched what appeared to be a Star-Wars-styled-interplanetary-starship-battle over our property for at least a couple minutes, maybe a few minutes; I remember my limbs starting to go numb from the sub-zero temperatures and I wanted to go inside but I didn't want to miss anything I was seeing because it was just too surreal lmao. The crafts made movements so quickly and fluidly, unlike anything I know of aerial vehicles of the Earthling variety; my mind was officially blown in every way possible lol. The little swarming stars in the sky gradually dissipated, and a handful of little stars then flew back to the big giant bright star, and then, just as quickly and as suddenly as it had appeared, the big bright star vanished, as if popping out of existence, and the skies were completely still once again.

....And then I started having nightmares and doing obsessive research that made me feel like a crazy person and finally I decided I needed to do EVERYTHING in my power to prepare for the threat of an ALIEN INVASION! Mwahahaha! 😈

Lmao, I'm a dork. =P
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