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  1. Clyde

    Helpful Info. Ham Radio SHTF Digital Mode for Tactical Comms

    There are several different digital modes Fusion, DSTAR, and DMR. I personally use Fusion by Yaesu. With this mode, as you will see in the attached video, You can use the digital side as a method of "securing" your comms since not everyone will have digital modes at their disposal. I have used...
  2. Clyde

    2m & 70cm (440) DMR

    I am curious if anyone has any experience with DMR? I am trying to find out if it is worth getting involved with it. I already use Yaesu's System Fusion.
  3. Clyde

    HF 5 watts from Florida to Belgium & Germany

    Here are two QRP DX QSO's Testing the Alpha Magnetic Coaxial Loop Antenna. Both videos were filmed on poor propagation days. This antenna in combination with the Yaesu 817ND QRP Radio is a Grand Slam.