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  1. Monstrosity

    What would be a good 3 man Tent?

    Anyone able to make recommendations for a 3 man tent? I have some survival equipment (not much) but am looking for a tent able to hold myself (adult male), wife and a 9 year old child. Needs to have a floor, be somewhat waterproof and sturdy, able to go up and down relatively quickly and also...
  2. J

    13 x 16 Canvas Wall Tent with Angle Kit, 6 screened windows - $845

    This is a new 13x16x5 wall tent with an angle kit. $845 Please visit our website at www.elkmountaintents.com for more pictures, information, and options, including other tent sizes (13x13, 13x20). Standard Features •6 Screened Windows •20 Piece Angle Kit. (This allows you to build your own...