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  1. P

    Finnish defence forces 1985

    In Finnish but most of it is understandable from the charts and images.
  2. COVID1984

    Germany Black Forest Survival

    Hi, I am planning to survive, for years, in Germany's Black Forest. Please can someone advice on what is the best book/guide I need. Thank you
  3. COVID1984

    Hi. I'm new(ish)

    Hi All, The end may just be nigh! I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. This 'Plandemic' has proven to me, & many like me, what we always knew about this madhouse we were born into. (Wait for the other COVID's to roll out..20, 21. 22. 23....) I'm a Proud Irishman. I live in...
  4. krissttovvv

    Preppers Wholesale

    I AM NEW HERE- but I have an idea- HI EVERYONE.... I have lived and worked in many countries of the world. In addition to NATURAL DISASTERS- WWIII is certainly coming. I am an expert STRUCTURAL ENGINEER-- Mechanic-- welder-- Target Rifle maker- and I design & build water sterilization...
  5. SurvivalMike

    My top 5 online resources for survival information. What are yours?

    Top 5 online resources Ive personally found for peppers -besides this forum ;) They mostly provide gear, news, reviews and forums. Pretty cool sites. BONUS: I get cool...
  6. SurvivalMike

    7 Important skills we all need to know.

    Of course there is more we should know but I can go all day lol. #1: How to Purify Water There are three main methods of making water safe to drink: boiling (water will need to be at a full, rolling boil for at least 5 minutes) chemical purifiers (1 to 2 drops or tablets of iodine, chlorine...
  7. toexist

    Helpful Info. WD-40 applications for survival

    Pretty cool.
  8. toexist

    Helpful Info. 12 life hacks

  9. theproprepper

    Helpful Info. FREE survival Grenade kit get it before promo ends

    my prep of the day was getting this awesome survival Grenade kit they have a promo on right now and you can get it for FREE i highly recommend it to any prepper ill post a link to it. FREE survival Grenade kit: also another very useful one is the Ultimate EMP...
  10. H

    Quick and Easy Water Filtration System

    Hey guys, Thought I'd start off my time here at Doomsday Prepper with a little how to I enjoy doing myself. It's all about a DIY water filter anyone can do with some basic items. We can live without food for a week or so but without water, hardly any time at all. So when SHTF or you're forced...
  11. P

    Patriot Supply Food and Seeds - what to do with?

    Hi all, Confession: I am not really a prepper. My father got heavy into the prepper life before his passing, and I am now stuck with a lot of prepper supplies. I have over $4000 worth of My Patriot Supply dried food and the seed vaults. Honestly I just need to get rid of this stuff and move on...
  12. Brison

    Best Classes & Courses for Prepping in Central Ohio

    I'm interested in learning and developing more skills to enhance my prepping. However, there are so many different classes and courses out there that I'd like to narrow down which ones would be most relevant. Like most of us, I don't have an unlimited supply of money or time to put into...
  13. Amma Survival Kits

    Helpful Info. Hello everyone!

    Happy to join this forum! Thank you!
  14. S

    Seeking Survival Expert/Prepper for New TV Show

    Hello, My name is Stephanie Alger and I’m a Casting Producer with Pilgrim Studios, a production company based in Los Angeles. We’re probably best known for our show “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe. I’m emailing you today about an exciting new show that we’re working on about people with survival...