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  1. Dallas Dixon

    Weapons in SHTF

    One of the many things you will want in SHTF is a weapon. From AR-15s to simple .22s, weapons vary in many styles, and can suit many needs. What weapon matches your style? Let's find out. For those of you that prefer to be more stealthy while on missions, a Ruger 10/22 with a decent optic...
  2. toexist

    Helpful Info. The History of the American Fallout Shelter

    Excellent video worth viewing.
  3. toexist

    this is awesome

    Very well done...especially for a short.
  4. toexist


    Pretty good.
  5. toexist


  6. toexist

    The Grey

    This is an epic film about survival. Highly recommended.
  7. toexist

    Helpful Info. Lone Survivor

  8. toexist

    Must Read pick 4 items only

    Deserted're only allowed 4 items...which would you choose? I know most of you will say I'll never be stranded on deserted island but just humor me.
  9. toexist

    Helpful Info. HARDWARE (1990)

    H.A.R.D.W.AR.E. (1990) is one of the best post apocalyptic films I've seen. It was a UK indie production that was truly ahead of its time. Highly recommended for visuals alone.
  10. toexist

    Must Read connected

  11. toexist

    Must Read ELEGY

  12. toexist

    Must Read Zygote

    YouTube won't allow me to post the original copy of this video because it has an age restriction due to violent content. You have be logged in on to YouTube to view original. This is a re-uploaded lessor quality version of short film. This is from the same director of Rakka...Neill Blomkamp...
  13. toexist

    Helpful Info. Merv

  14. toexist

    Helpful Info. The Bad Batch

    I'm really into cinema that has an apocalyptic aesthetic/narrative. Recently I got to see The Bad Batch. Now it doesn't have the most intricate plot however it is visually quite impressive and for this reason alone....i recommend. #SHTFcinema #Apocalyptic
  15. toexist

    Walking Dead Season 8 Premieres October 22nd

    Judging by trailer above...its looks more promising than last season (which was one of the worst in my opinion). They allowed too many useless characters to carry over. In earlier seasons they would casually kill them off now they dedicate entire episodes to them. Why dedicate entire episodes...
  16. H

    Quick and Easy Water Filtration System

    Hey guys, Thought I'd start off my time here at Doomsday Prepper with a little how to I enjoy doing myself. It's all about a DIY water filter anyone can do with some basic items. We can live without food for a week or so but without water, hardly any time at all. So when SHTF or you're forced...
  17. pooky2483

    Looking for E/Mids (UK) preppers

    I was wondering if there are any preppers here from the UK (Derbyshire) area, as it would be a good idea to organise ourselves BEFORE the SHTF. Pete
  18. PrepperCell

    The Financial Collapse Is Already Here

    With a background in economics, I can't understand how no one saw this coming. I wrote a brief article on what's bringing our economy to its knees, if I missed anything, let me know. The Coming Financial Collapase | The Survivalist