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  1. toexist

    Everyday Fashion Advice for SHTF readiness

    Anyone have recommendations for a goot English fashion advice for everyday wear to be prepared in the event of a catastrophe? I feel like they would need to look like an every day Englishmen (Grey Englishman). Good for weather, hiking, distance, swimming, etc. Here are some options I'm...
  2. toexist

    Weapons - Slingshot

    I'm looking to expand my bug out/get homepreps and think it would be wise to have a slingshot on me for my journey. I have to make a 27 hour journey so I'm sure I can benefit from some added long distance protection and also a tool for hunting. Anyone here use a slingshot? what do you recommend...
  3. toexist

    Long Distance Expedition to My Home

    Hi, Prepping lads. I'm looking for some advice from you all. I'm an 18 year old collage student attending Cambridge Univarsity living 27 hours from my family in a rural town in Serbia. I keep thinking about the worst case scenario if something were to happen and all sh*t broke loose. I would...