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  1. Cerberus

    Money in times like these...

    Hey yall, Most of you won't remember me, but I've been around for a while, and I kinda need some advice. I kinda got all my preps in order. I always made sure to put my savings aside and invest them in my preps so I'm really not too worried about the world crashing and burning financially...
  2. Corey M

    Need advice I'm 16 and want to start prepping for an imminent terror attack that will lead to chaos.

    I need any advice. I live in a dense urban area and need any advice on things I can do to prep for it.
  3. S

    Freeze Dried Food - Home Freeze Drying

    I'm thinking about investing in the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. Does anyone have experience with home freeze drying or with this freeze dryer in particular? Please share your thoughts.
  4. toexist

    Helpful Info. question(s) for older members

    I saw this last night and thought it would be worth sharing. I too noticed that most of the heavy duty prepper types on the internet are in over 60. I always thought that when I got older (if I'm lucky enough to) that I would take life less seriously as I aged. Evidently this...
  5. savageagle

    Waiting for Death (life after)

    Hello all. I am very happy with the content on DPF and happy of the members attitudes about prepping and the participation and seriousness of it's members. I don't consider myself to be religious but more spiritual and have always seeked a personal relationship with my Lord. I respect everyone's...
  6. Brison

    Trump Won! How do you think this affects Prepping?

    I'm curious what other people think about the Trump win in terms of how it might affect prepping. Do you think his presidency will have any effect on the potential for a disaster or crisis to occur? Or, (in your opinion) do you think some sort of "event" is inevitable? A good number of people...
  7. SurvivorTown


    Hi my name is Tony. We are a family of homesteading preppers doing what we can to create a sustainable property for when the SHTF. Also run a blog where we focus mostly on bug out bag education. Prepping is an ongoing learning experience and looking forward to extending my knowledge on this...
  8. Fat-Prepper

    Social Threats Volume 2.

    I figure each article I do I will a separate thread since they are two different events, this one we will discuss the end of antibiotics.
  9. Cerberus

    Prepping as a student

    Hey people, As many of you might have experienced, it can be quite difficult to prep whilst you're still a student and working on your degree. The difficulty I specifically refer to is the limitations of your student room (often in a dorm / student housing). What I wondered is what those of...