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  1. jmeyer619

    Hi from Washington State

    Hi all and thanks for the invite. I am an avid outdoorsman, Hunter, fisherman, family man, and loyal friend. I was born and raised in the back woods of Montana but work brought me to Washington. I am a country boy at heart and always will be. Please don’t hesitate to say hi and strike up a...
  2. Grayscale

    Thoughts on prep with health conditions

    Just wondering if anyones tried to talk about this topic. I have asthma, prolapse valve and anxiety. Now, the herbs I use and essential oils for each have worked wonders for me, but I've also searched into deeper reasonings for each condition. Has anybody read your not sick your thirsty...
  3. P

    Average preparedness for the seemingly obvious

    With the current situation of a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, which would seem to an outsider is a highly likely event for the people living there, I wonder really how prepared was the average member of the population?