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  1. P

    Completely new

    Good evening all, At least for us it is evening because we are from Belgium. I don't really know how to start this all and if this is even the right place but here goes nothing. Me and my family are living in Belgium. We see the world around us changing in a way that makes us fear the future...
  2. T

    Hello everyone

    Decided to join a proper prepping forum, because apparently Reddit’s prepping community is beginning to bow down to the Chi-Comm’s, and anything that’s apparently extremist is starting to get removed.
  3. Mr Variety Hour

    Hello and a big "sorry" from America's hat!

    It's very good to meet you all! Haven't been on a forum in a while. I'm a 20 year old curious fellow born in the U.S.A. and currently living in Canada, looking to increase my knowledge and (hopefully not) put it to use. Mainly, I want to learn how to live in the harsh conditions (particularly...
  4. taterbug

    Hi ya'll

    I never know what to say on these intro messages. I am 50, female, married, empty nester. Unless you count our two fur-babies. An old grumpy Corgi and a 2 year old Jack Russell. Have finally found our off-grid forever property. For 1/2 the price of our property sale in Wyoming, we have...
  5. Forestdweller

    I hail from Indiana

    Have been very interested in prepping for about 6 years. Was raised to keep a pantry stocked for 3 months, grandparents did, parents did and now I do, but I am a little more extreme. I totally believe in individual liberty and small government. Conservative upbringing makes me very...
  6. O

    Must Read Volcanoes Under Control

    I often asked my fellow acquaintances: is possible to take such natural phenomenon as volcanic activity of the Earth under control? As a rule ,the question caused bewilderment with the answer "no" and when I said that it is possible, I received an inappropriate gesture. On the Earth's surface...