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  1. F

    New Forum Member

    Hello, Glad to join this forum. I am from Ohio. I love outdoor sports specially hunting & fishing.
  2. Preachnlogic

    Eastern nc. Anybody close?

    Howdy allyallus Im a newlywed armed guard losing faith in the powers that be. I remember seeing Jesse Ventura stumble upon mass grave tubs stockpiled in nowheresville several years ago and here's the disease. Shut downs and social distancing hurts us. We need to all get it and have herd...
  3. Dallas Dixon

    Hello from MS!

    Hello everyone, My name is Dallas, which is fairly obvious, but might as well say. I joined this forum in hopes of learning some new information on my hobby I have started. I'm from south Mississippi, and it's super muggy down here. I mean like ninety degrees with eighty percent humidity muggy...