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  1. T

    Hello everyone

    Decided to join a proper prepping forum, because apparently Reddit’s prepping community is beginning to bow down to the Chi-Comm’s, and anything that’s apparently extremist is starting to get removed.
  2. oregondirt

    Hello from Oregon

    Hey. I am fairly new to prepping, but am hoping to learn more from the experienced people in this forum. Feel free to message me with any advice for a newby.
  3. PalePaws

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, Canadian prepper here. I live in Southern Saskatchewan, but would love to live further west where the weather is nicer and the growing season longer. I have big plans for a 100 acre homestead and what is essentially a fortress, but of course as is the case for most young people, the funds...
  4. Dallas Dixon

    Hello from MS!

    Hello everyone, My name is Dallas, which is fairly obvious, but might as well say. I joined this forum in hopes of learning some new information on my hobby I have started. I'm from south Mississippi, and it's super muggy down here. I mean like ninety degrees with eighty percent humidity muggy...
  5. SubtlePrepper

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Men using women's restrooms, constitution being attacked one amendment at a time, upcoming election where we will be getting screwed by both sides, no matter who wins, technology getting out of hand to the point our society could not function without it, our education is so dumbed down that our...
  6. Metal-Tiger

    I'm new to this discussion board . I sure hope this is a civil place as that is only way I can abide

    Hello everyone ! ! Hope all is great for you . I'm a fairly comfortable suburban inhabitant , but I deeply fear the the U.S. fed. gov. cannot keep their Ponzi schemes going for too much longer and they will all the nation to fall into social chaos . My goals are to ride it out in as great...