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food storage

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  1. R

    (Arkansas) APT Meeting - Food Storage Planning Class + Discussion of World and Local Events

    Free to the public! Come join us for our first in-person meeting in Beebe, Arkansas at the Goff Public Library. Saturday, March 19th, 2pm to 4pm Goff Public Library 323 Elm St N, Beebe, AR 72012 Class on food storage planning including: - What makes food go bad - Different sources of food -...
  2. I

    I'm a new prepper and need help!

    Hi there, I'm new to prepping, just started about 10 months ago stockpiling food. So naturally I've made plenty of mistakes! I've only gotten Mylar bags and o2 absorbers in the last few weeks and I'm wondering if I can use them to package basmatti rice and oats that I purchased about 9 or 10...
  3. S

    Freeze Dried Food Question

    I purchased some freeze dried food and noticed the company put an expiration date of 2022 on the container. My understanding is, with proper storage, freeze dried food can last 20+ years. Are they just being safe with that expiration date? Or should I be storing the food in mylar bags for it...
  4. TuckerDane

    Your Food Storage Equation...

    There's a lot of conflicting information out there about what's better to stock up on. Freeze dried food storage (buckets, kits, MRE, etc) or just non perishable foods. What are you stocking? Is there a company you prefer? Are you doing a combination of non perishable and freeze dried...