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  1. H

    Quick and Easy Water Filtration System

    Hey guys, Thought I'd start off my time here at Doomsday Prepper with a little how to I enjoy doing myself. It's all about a DIY water filter anyone can do with some basic items. We can live without food for a week or so but without water, hardly any time at all. So when SHTF or you're forced...
  2. Brison

    Rain Barrel Nessity

    One of the biggest things I've focused on as a new prepper is the need for water. With this in mind I purchased a rain barrel a couple of months ago. I like knowing that I have a backup water source if ever the main water supply was no longer available. I highly recommend everyone look into...
  3. Brison

    High Capacity Water Filter Recomendations

    I'm trying to find a good comprehensive water filter. I see lots of ads and articles on water filters but lately it seems that they focus more on their ability to filter out bacteria and viruses. This is great but I'm looking for a water filter that removes toxins, contaminants, and chemicals as...