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  1. PalePaws

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, Canadian prepper here. I live in Southern Saskatchewan, but would love to live further west where the weather is nicer and the growing season longer. I have big plans for a 100 acre homestead and what is essentially a fortress, but of course as is the case for most young people, the funds...
  2. Debbie Maddox

    introducing myself

    Hi all, hope everyones day is going well. My name is Debbie .i live in Texas. I hope to learn a lot from you guys. I am not super new to prepping but i sm dooo behind i feel. But i keep plugging along. My brother poo poohs me sll the time because of it. So glad to be here!
  3. Alexandra

    Norwegian girl: 'Ello!

    Hey guys and greetings from Norway! My name is Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex. I'm 18yrs old, living with my boyfriend, metalhead and prepping for war and nasty weather. Why war and weather? Because of Russia and the change of weather patterns we've had the last decade. I'm anticipating...