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  1. B

    Prepper stores and forums in Europe?

    Hello We are about to launch a new type of fallout shelter that can be set up above ground in 4-5 weeks from ordering in response to Russia and Ukraine situation heating up. I was hoping to get an idea popular forums, general Prepper market in Europe and what are some of the big names for...
  2. COVID1984

    Looking for European Survivalist Groups / Campers

    Can someone please advise on any existing network of European based survivalists? I am planning to leave Berlin permanently to live by camping etc. in the next few months. Thank you
  3. P

    EU speed limiters

    The EU just passed a new law. Starting 2022 all new cars within the EU will have to be fitted with automatic braking device run from GPS tracking devices. It looks like I won't be getting a new car when my current one dies.