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  1. S

    Wise Food Company 72 hour Box

    Hi everyone. I hope this is OK - please let me know if I'm posting this in the wrong place or if this isn't allowed I will remove it immediately. I'm just trying to help my wife out- she listed a 72 hour Wise Food Company box for 99 cents to start on eBay and no one's bidding on it! So I thought...
  2. Brison

    If A Crisis Occurs While At Work

    Does anyone have some feedback or thoughts on what to do if a major crisis occurs while you or your spouse is at work? I'm more concerned about my wife who works on the other side of town. Should I tell her to leave work immediately or hunker down and stay at work if a major crisis occurs? I...
  3. Amma Survival Kits

    Helpful Info. Hello everyone!

    Happy to join this forum! Thank you!