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  1. Spek_IT

    Gas suggestion ?

    Im looking for some tips for gas & diesel storage less than 100$? Big thing though is how do your store it for the medium to longterm (3-10 years) and keep it good? Air tight clean containers with a sealant on top ? The only idea I have to keep it good is before use , mixing it with some...
  2. Brison

    What should a Prepper bury?

    I'll be honest. I started digging a hole because I had it in mind that it would be a good idea to have extra fuel on hand (I already have a few 5 gallon containers in the garage). But would it be better to bury or store another type of item or items? I don't have a lot of property in which to...
  3. MahoganyEclipse

    Growing Potatoes In Containers?

    Has anyone here grown potatoes in a pot and have they had any viable yields? Was it cheaper to buy from the store? I've heard/read different accounts in 'hilling' them, one being that you must plant seed potatoes in succession 'up' the pot in order to get more potatoes and one being that if...