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  1. greatgardener

    Helpful Info. Urban Chicken Coop Idea - Lean-to Chicken coop

    Hello, Just for an idea about urban chicken coop design. I built this coop for my friend. Using mterial to fit to home design. Fresh eggs all days ! Ideas ---> Lean-to Chicken Coop Idea Comments?
  2. greatgardener

    Must Read Hatching Chicken Eggs - Procedures

    Hello friends, For the first time I hatched chicken eggs with my automatic incubator. I got many pictures during the process. Steps ====> How to hatch chicken eggs
  3. greatgardener

    Must Read All-Season Chicken Coop Building Steps

    Hello, To be prepared (extreme temperature), I built this chicken coop set up. Ideas ----> My all season chicken coop Comments?