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  1. Clyde

    Camping/Shooting on BLM Land

    I have a question fo all of you Texans. Her in Commiefornia, we BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Land that we can freely camp and shoot. I have heard that pretty much 100% of Texas land is privately owned. Is there any place someone could go camping and shooting in Texas? I ask as my wifes...
  2. J

    13 x 16 Canvas Wall Tent with Angle Kit, 6 screened windows - $845

    This is a new 13x16x5 wall tent with an angle kit. $845 Please visit our website at for more pictures, information, and options, including other tent sizes (13x13, 13x20). Standard Features •6 Screened Windows •20 Piece Angle Kit. (This allows you to build your own...
  3. pooky2483

    Helpful Info. Solar Chargers (UK)

    For any of the few Brit Preppers out there, I have found a useful site to buy solar chargers and powerbanks (similar to batteries). I know I will be buying from HERE when I have the dosh.
  4. JoePrep

    Helpful Info. What Did You Learn by Camping?

    I started posting this thread last week and it got long. It was too long for a forum post so, I ended up writing a blog post instead. The gist is that sometimes I go camping and in doing so, I use the equipment that I purchased for off-grid life. Then I learn things about it that I didn't...