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  1. Clyde

    Camping/Shooting on BLM Land

    I have a question fo all of you Texans. Her in Commiefornia, we BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Land that we can freely camp and shoot. I have heard that pretty much 100% of Texas land is privately owned. Is there any place someone could go camping and shooting in Texas? I ask as my wifes...
  2. pooky2483

    Helpful Info. Solar Chargers (UK)

    For any of the few Brit Preppers out there, I have found a useful site to buy solar chargers and powerbanks (similar to batteries). I know I will be buying from HERE when I have the dosh.
  3. JoePrep

    Helpful Info. What Did You Learn by Camping?

    I started posting this thread last week and it got long. It was too long for a forum post so, I ended up writing a blog post instead. The gist is that sometimes I go camping and in doing so, I use the equipment that I purchased for off-grid life. Then I learn things about it that I didn't...