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  1. P

    Winter bug out/get home bag

    I am trying to put together a bag. The issue I am having is trying to figure out the best shelter options for a typical Finnish winter. Last year it was -30c here. Obviously I don't want to be carrying around a great big lump of a sleeping bag and I normally don't like to part with too much of...
  2. E

    Fortitude Ranch

    What’s up everyone! I’m just getting into the “prepper” mindset and have a few questions. whats your opinion on the fortitude ranch and other communities like this? If you were in charge of the fortitude ranch what would you add to their ranch that they aren’t doing or what would you take...
  3. Clyde

    Helpful Info. Bugout Bag Radio

    What radio(s) do you use? For me at the moment I am using an Icom IC-7200 with Goal Zero solar generator for power. I know it won't exactly fit in a bug out bag.